SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - You’ve heard of bikram yoga where the temperature is turned up, but what about strength and cycling classes done in the heat?

At Recess Endurance near Greenway and Scottsdale roads, the mercury rises along with your heart rate.

"I think it’s a different form of training and an efficient form of training," said owner Katie Landa. "The heat is definitely good for heating up the muscles and the tendons, the ligaments, all of that.”

There are two types of classes: strength/conditioning and cycling.

"The strength and conditioning room is heated to 96 degrees," Landa said. "It’s our most efficient form of training. It’s an hour long: 20 minutes of stretching and flexibility work. And then the last 35 minutes of resistance training, body weight, high intensity training. The spin room is heated to about 89/90 degrees so you’re getting your high caloric burn."

You can’t be afraid of perspiration -- every part of your body will shine during the hour-long sessions allowing you to burn a lot of calories and loosen all of your muscles.

The whole purpose is to push your endurance to new limits.

If you want to try out Recess, the first three classes within the span of a week are free. An unlimited monthly membership is also $140.

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