For a transplant in the Valley adjusting to the scorching summers can be a difficult task.

Thankfully -- in this day and age anyway -- we have access to the internet and things like Reddit.

A few helpful Phoenix redditors decided to imagine a "welcome kit" for a Valley newbie.

The question was asked: "If we had to put one together, what would you include to make it uniquely Phoenix?"

It started with sunscreen -- a must-have as Phoenix natives know -- and went from there.

Here are the welcome-kit submissions taken from the thread on r/Phoenix:

• Pair of oven mitts for the car

• UV flashlight (for scorpion hunting)

• "A map labeled 'Phoenix June-August Hiking Trails' that just says NO in giant print when unfolded"

• Sunglasses

• Big pool towel

• Plastic drinking cup for the pool

• Sun visor for the car

• Warranty for car batteries

• List of the best Mexican food places

• List of day trips to escape the heat

• A good pair of flip-flops because one redditor's broke and they were "left hopping on a million degree sidewalk"

• Service coupon for a "good" air conditioning specialist

We'd probably top off this welcome kit with a few water bottles and some cool 12 News swag too.

What would be in your Phoenix welcome kit?