PHOENIX - Dee Dee Moore is on a mission to find a blanket that helped save her little boy's life after it was mistakenly donated to Goodwill.

“It would mean a lot to have this special keepsake back,” Moore said.

The teal-blue blanket was handmade and donated by a stranger for all the babies at Banner Good Samaritan's NICU facility, now called Banner – University Medical Center Phoenix.

Moore’s son, John, was born two months premature and the blanket served as a comfort and shield.

“Young babies born early need to have their sleep to continue their brain growth and development. So, this blanket shielded out the light to keep him in darkness so he can sleep,” said Moore.

Today, John is a happy and healthy 3-year-old. That special blanket did its job but sadly it's gone missing and Moore is heartbroken. She thinks it may have gotten mixed up with another bag of clothes donated to Goodwill earlier this month.

“How could I have given away this blanket? I thought I had to do everything I could to try and get it back,” said Moore.

Moore says she had dropped off the donation bag at a Goodwill dropoff site in central Phoenix. A few days later, with the help of Goodwill, it was determine the clothes may have been shipped off to the Buckeye on Watson Road north of the I-10 and likely sold.

Moore hopes whoever may have purchased it would be willing to return it. She's offering a $100 reward and would be willing to commission a new blanket be made in exchange.

The blanket that helped save her son's life is priceless.

“It was made out of love. An act out of kindness from a stranger and I would like him to see that love in this world,” said Moore.

If you know the whereabouts of the teal-blue blanket, you can contact Moore at (602) 904-3891.