As you are gearing up for the Cardinals game this Sunday, one Valley man is gearing up for another Sunday of volunteering.

Gary Truax is an investment advisor at Ameriprise Financial and he was once a diehard Chargers fan.

“I had season tickets for years and years and it was in my blood for 45 years,” said Truax.

That all ended when the team moved from San Diego to Los Angeles.

“If they were rewarding me for 45 years of loyalty by skipping town, I wasn’t going to support them anymore," said Truax.

In fact, Truax donated all of this Chargers gear and memorabilia to the Salvation Army. On top of that, he decided to stop watching NFL games this season.

“I contemplated golfing at a different golf course on every Sunday or hiking a different mountain," said Truax.

Something much more rewarding started tugging on his heart.

“I decided I was going to start volunteering at a different charity every Sunday during the football season," said Truax.

He is calling this venture his "season of Sundays."

“I started feeding lunch to the homeless at Saint Vincent De Paul, cleaned kennels at the Rockstar K9 Sanctuary, helped children’s organizations, mothers dealing with cancer, the 100 Club of Arizona,” said Truax.

By the end of the season, Truax will have volunteered at 16 different charities.

“People told me once I started doing these charity events, it would get in my blood like football used to and that is certainly the case," said Truax.

He blogs about every experience and he hopes the stories will inspire you to either donate or get involved. You can visit his "My Season of Sundays" blog here.

“There they can donate financially, they can sign up for the mailing list, they can volunteer especially during the holidays," said Truax.

As for next season?

“This has provided much more of a balance for me. I had to go cold turkey this year and whether or not I go back next year, I haven’t decided yet," said Truax.