PHOENIX - One day after returning from a tour, Fayuca band members sat down and began enjoying a beer. One of them suggested a crazy idea to have their own beer.

It was at that moment when beer talk turned into real talk, and today the public gets to enjoy one of those ideas, responsibly of course.

“We wanted to have a beer that was always in season,” said Gabo, the lead singer and guitarist of Fayuca, “We wanted to make sure that it with us so that the fans can enjoy it when we were on tour.”

A few weeks after arriving back home from touring, the band headed to a couple of breweries, expressed their idea and ended up at Helios Basin Brewing on Thomas Road and 40th Street. Not long after that, the sampling began.

“It’s a different brew, a bit more crisp,” said Dustin Hazer, the owner and brewmaster of Helio Basin Brewery, “We wanted to make sure that the fans can enjoy the beer during their shows and we came up with a brew between Pale Ale and IPA, we called it Fayuca Rising."

The band is ecstatic about having its own beer available both with the members while on tour and the fact that it was made right here in our state to be sampled wherever they head out.

“It’s an extension of the band, of our music," Gabo said. "We just want to give more, and to have the music, the merchandise, and now this, we feel so great to be able to give more."