PHOENIX - Dawn Peabody and her family live with the pain of losing their baby girl, Maya Peabody, in 2008.

"My husband came home and did what he normally would have done on a Saturday, hopped out of the car thinking my daughter was with me at work," Dawn said. "About an hour later, someone asked where Maya is. She wasn't at work with me, she wasn't in her room. She had been left in the family vehicle."

Maya died of vehicular heat stroke. Now, Maya's mother is working to raise awareness about the dangers of kids being left in cars.

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"I volunteer with an organization called Kids and Cars, which aims at warning people about the dangers of kids and cars and right now, we are working with legislation to try and get an alarm system approved to be installed in all cars," said Peabody.

Dawn also wants to help parents with easy ways to never forget about your kids in the car.

"The first is using a stuffed animal. When your kid is in the car, put a stuffed animal in the front seat with you. It's a visual reminder that you have precious cargo in the back," said Peabody. "The second tip is to take off your left shoe and put it in the backseat. You may go places without your phone or without your purse, but you are not going to get very far without your left shoe."

Most importantly, Dawn wants to remind parents to always double check the backseat even if you don't think your kids are with you.

"Doing this for 10 seconds can save you from a lifetime of pain," said Peabody.

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