PHOENIX - Dr. Ramon Robles is the Snapchat Surgeon.

The plastic surgery doctor combines the popular app with his practice.

"I like that I can use it as an educational tool," he said. "We're kind of socializing with the patient."

About four years ago, Dr. Robles started using the story feature on Snapchat in the operating room. The stories then transferred to Instagram.

"We never compromise a procedure," he said. "The surgery does not get delayed. I'm just moving in an efficient manner. We just kind of stop for a second and do this ten second snippet."

His social media director records the videos and every patient gives consent.

"It puts you at ease at making the decision," said Victoria Wall, a patient whose friend had plastic surgery. "I watched one of her videos, and it helped me realize it's not too bad. It's not scary."

Although this practice is used across the nation, Dr. Robles was one of the first to splice social media surgery stories here in the Valley.

Wall said she will be featured on a Snapchat story as well: "I want to look back and see everything that happened and how it is done."

You can follow Dr. Robles on Snapchat: roblessurgery or on Instagram: @roblesplasticsurgery.