She may not have won the entire competition, but the young Arizona star definitely won our hearts on the "America's Got Talent" stage.

Evie Clair joined 12 Today's Emma Jade and Vanessa Ramirez to talk all about life after the show.

Evie said "it's been crazy" and "super fun."

"I've had one gig since then," she said, "it was the day after the show we got on a plane to New York. So that was really fun."

Her beautiful voice took her all the way to the finals, but it was her story that initially captured the hearts of so many. Her father was fighting stage four colon cancer.

On why she chose to share such a personal story, Evie said she felt like people needed to hear it.

"We've had so many great opportunities and so many blessings from that," she said.

Her dad passed away during her time on the show, and there were questions if the 13-year-old from Florence would even take the AGT finals stage. Simon Cowell even gave her the option of coming back next season if she didn't participate in the finals.

She said at first she was done and didn't even want to come back next year.

"I thought about it a little bit more and we all prayed about it and I just felt like it was the right thing to do," she said. "My dad always taught me that he didn't raise a quitter, so I knew I couldn't quit this and I had to keep going."

She said she was trying to hold back tears as she sang her final song on the show.

"I could just feel him up there," Evie said.