After the President Trump rally, protests and tear gas Tuesday night, jokes followed Thursday from none other than Saturday Night Live.

On a special weekday summer edition of Weekend Update, the show opened with Alec Baldwin impersonating the president in Phoenix before launching into the comedic newscast full of references to the rally.

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The cold open has even received some praise from both sides of the aisle.

"I'm a huge Trump supporter, and I think this was hilarious," one person wrote. While another said, "Donald Trump, even with all his flaws, Made SNL Great Again."

Warning: Clips contain language that may be offensive.

From there, hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che didn't hold back covering everything from the solar eclipse, hate-group Pokémon cards, Trump's speech, the border wall and the black man sitting in the crowd behind Trump.

"I feel like I have to say, on behalf of black people everywhere, we don't know this fool," Che said.

At one point, Jost even made reference to the age-old Arizona colloquialism: "But it's a dry heat."

"On Tuesday he held a campaign rally in Arizona, and there was some racism there," Jost said, "but it was Arizona, so it was a dry racism."

And Che gave props to Mexico for not wanting to pay for the border wall.

"First of all, shout out to Mexico for just being like, 'Nah,'" Che said.

You can hear all of the Phoenix rally jokes in the Weekend Update clip below.