The job of a police officer will oftentimes put them in the face of danger, but luckily for the Gilbert Police Department, they've got an 8-year-old girl looking out for them.

Eight-year-old Arianna makes homemade crosses which you can see on her Facebook page Arianna's Cross Mission. She has sent crosses to law enforcement all over the U.S. and makes them, as she describes in a letter she attaches with the gift, in order to spread God's word of "peace, kindness, love, joy, patience, hope and faith."

Her crosses recently reached Gilbert police.

"I hope my crosses inspire people to pray and love Jesus," Arianna wrote. "I also hope my crosses protect you."

The department seemed thankful to receive such a gift.

"Arianna, thank you for sending our officers 250 handmade crosses to remind them they are supported and to come home safe," the department wrote on Facebook. "We appreciate your support! Stay safe out there."

The department's post was shared on Arianna's Cross Mission page. "Thank you, and please be safe out there!" the caption read with a blue heart.