As Hurricane Irma makes its way towards the Florida coast, many are preparing for a bout with severe weather.

While east coast residents stock up on essentials and evacuate to safety, an old Facebook post is making the rounds online.

The Facebook post features a tip from Sheila Pulanco Russell that could come in handy for those in the hurricane's path.

In the post, Russell explains how a frozen cup of water and a quarter can help keep you safe. It reads:

You put a cup of water in your freezer. Freeze it solid and then put a quarter on top of it and leave it in your freezer. That way when you come back after you've been evacuated you can tell if your food went completely bad and just refroze or if it stayed Frozen while you were gone.

Many are appreciating the suggestion as the post has been shared more than 400,000 times since it was posted.

Have you tried this tip? Do you think it's beneficial?

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