Often cheesy, but never dull -- ADOT has mastered the quirky freeway sign.

The department's eccentric safety messages actually started two years ago on the day before Thanksgiving. Remember peas and guac? That sign went viral and since then, they've been full of pop culture and holiday references.

ADOT writes:

Two years ago, on the day before Thanksgiving, we displayed our first quirky safety message. Overhead signs around the state reminded Arizonans that drinking and driving go together like peas and guac. That went viral, and we’ve been picking opportunities to deliver similar messages ever since.

On Wednesday, drivers saw this sign pop up on the overheard signs: "Sober Driver? Dilly! Dilly!"

The message, from a popular Bud Light commercial, received mixed reviews from Arizona drivers.

Some got it.

Others missed the reference.

And on Thanksgiving, a song reference because "bird is the word."

An "oldie but goodie" one person wrote in reference to the sign on Facebook.

So enjoy the signs this holiday season and, in the words of ADOT, "let’s all make safe decisions on the road."