When Cole Frederick and Morgan Chambers were on their way to Home Depot Monday afternoon, they had no idea they were about to become viral video stars.

It all started as they approached the corner of Baseline Road and Priest Drive in Tempe.

According to Frederick, Chambers asked where Home Depot was and he said to take a left at Baseline (Pronounced like base-line). Chambers then replied, "you mean, Baseline (Pronounced like bass-o-lean)?"

And then the debate began.

Frederick took a Snapchat video of Chambers' pronunciation and it quickly went viral. Since its posting, the tweet has received more than 2,300 retweets and 4,800 likes.

"I wasn't expecting this to blow up like it has," Fredrick said. "It was just something I put up on my Snapchat story and I started getting a lot of replies on it, so I thought I might throw it up on Twitter because it's pretty funny."

He isn't alone in that sentiment either. Many others online enjoyed the hilarious exchange.

In defense of her pronunciation, Frederick said Chambers explained that if Baseline is essentially Vaseline with a B, it should be pronounced the same way. But some Twitter users weren't buying that logic.

"Most people think it's pretty funny but I've gotten some people that are mad at her for it," Frederick said about the online response to the video. "The internet is the internet though, so there's always going to be someone mad about something, even if it's as innocent as this."

Both Frederick and Chambers are currently students at Arizona State University and the pair are taking their new internet fame in stride. Whatever side of the debate you land on, Frederick said he'll never look at Baseline Road the same way again.

"All in all, I'm glad people think it's funny and that it's gained this much publicity," Frederick said. "Guarantee you, every time I drive past Baseline, I'm going to chuckle at the way Morgan pronounces it."