PHOENIX - In the mood for some exercise but don't want to work too hard? How about we throw in a small oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert?

Combining the two at the Sheraton Grand Wildhorse Pass in Chandler, where you can cruise on the water.

"We were out here on the hydro bikes and the paddle boats and the kayak and just enjoying the water and the beautiful day in Arizona," said Debbie Johnson from the Arizona Office of Tourism. "Tourism brings in $3 billion a year in tax revenue, which helps support our police and education, all of those things that we count on as residents."

And what better way to enjoy Arizona Travel and Tourism Week than to take the watercraft for a spin on a hydro bike.

"The concept is simple: Bike on the water, but just being able to do it is really different. It's a safe and stable pedal powered way to glide on the water. Once you get it down,” said James Granger of Boat Rentals of America.

"It was very relaxing until I had to turn. But just the peace of the water … and just knowing you're out here. It really felt a lot cooler than I would've thought," said Johnson.

Cruising back and forth on the river is a year-round activity that just about anyone can enjoy.

For more information: Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass