Avast, matey! We have found the buried treasure.

OK ... maybe not that kind of treasure, but the "treasure truck" is in Phoenix Friday!

They've already sold out of the treasure--the Nintendo Entertainment System: Classic Edition.

Amazon announced Monday seven new cities for its Treasure Truck. the list of cities included Phoenix.

Sounds cool. But what's a "treasure truck"?

Good question. It's a truck full of, well, Amazon's favorite treasures. The company picks out its "favorite new, trending, local, or delicious" things and spreads them to whichever city the truck is in.

Amazon first hit the road with the truck back in February of 2016 surprising its hometown Seattle residents with 64% off a GoPro Hero4.

"Every time you swing by the Truck, you'll find something new to enjoy," the company says.

Great. Now what can I get?

Amazon says the "possibilities are endless." They've given out everything from fresh fish, steak, burgers, to headphones and a mobile Polaroid printer.

Seriously, it's like the possibilities are endless...

Got it. When's it coming to Phoenix?

The truck arrived in Phoenix Friday. You'll need your phone and the free Amazon app.

You'll be notified via text or on the free Amazon app the day the truck is in your city. Then you can purchase the "treasure" through Amazon pickup it up at the truck's location within the window you've selected. Remember your order code!

It was just recently in New York.

What a day, New York! Thanks for coming down to your #treasuretruck to toss apples, win awesome prizes, and say hello. It's so good to be here in the Big Apple. Can't wait to see you all again soon!

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Sign up for the offer-day texts here.

For more information on the truck, visit Amazon's webstie.