TOMBSTONE, Ariz. - With more than 300 graves, Tombstone's Boothill Cemetery is a monument to the rough and tumble Arizona lifestyle of the Old West.

In the graves, are the losers of the gunfight at O.K. Corral and other victims of violent deaths and seedy lifestyles.

Paula Jean Reed, caretaker of the graveyard, said just 250 are marked with names and cause of death -- the other 50 remain unknown.

"The Boothills of the Old West acquired their names because they were cemeteries that predominately -- the people buried in them died with their boots on, meaning they didn't die of natural causes," Reed said.

Visitors can spend an entire afternoon here reading the tombstone epitaphs.

It's a fascinating monument and literal testament to the violence that once ran throughout the wild western town of Tombstone.