A new procedure for women is going high tech and the best part, it can help you stop some embarrassing issues.

It's called FemiLift and its available at Nuvell Clinics in Scottsdale. This collagen remodeling procedure harnesses the power of laser technology to tighten skin and promote vaginal rejuvenation. FemiLift is quickly becoming the leading solution for feminine health and wellness as it treats various feminine concerns quickly and effectively.

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Women who have had the treatment have seen in improvement in bladder control, laxity and rejuvenation of feminine tissue. The procedure is recommended for women ages 25 to 65 and beyond and has little to no down time. If this procedure is something you're interested in, Nuvell Clinics are offering a special for Arizona Midday viewers, a coupon for $350 off 3 sessions of FemiLift. For more information visit NuvellClinics.com or call (480) 459-5262