A quintessential summer event for many misfit teens across the country will end its run after next year.

2018 will be the final full cross-country tour for Warped Tour, according to a release Wednesday from tour founder Kevin Lyman.

Alternative, pop-punk and emo bands shared the stage in hot parking lots across America for the last 23 years.

Some of the most recognizable names to play Warped Tour include No Doubt, Green Day, Fall Out Boy, Sublime and Flogging Molly.

After the 2018 tour, which stops in Phoenix June 26, Warped Tour is planning a 25th anniversary celebration for 2019, but Lyman did not give details on that just yet.

The release also does not cite a reason why the tour, which has run since 1995, will end after next summer.

Here in Phoenix, the hot summers made Warped Tour a particular type of spectacle. Even this summer, temperatures hit 113 degrees on the day of the show, but thousands of people braved the heat anyway to see their favorite bands.