The shark wasn't real and "Shark Week" fans, well, they're not letting it go.

The much-anticipated race between Michael Phelps and a great white shark finally aired on Discovery Sunday to kick off everyone's favorite week of sharks.

Phelps, to the surprise of no one, was bested by the apex predator.

But only by two seconds!

That, however, wasn't what people were talking about. Fans looking forward to seeing the 23-time Olympic gold medalist had their dreams crushed.

Although Phelps really did swim the 100-meters in the cold water off the South African coast, the shark was created digitally to appear alongside him.

Fans had strong feelings about that "fake" shark.

Some felted betrayed.


And some even called out Discovery for the shark-baiting headlines.

But don't fret fellow shark fans! We can always hope for a rematch next year... maybe even on land?

In the meantime, there's always that dude on the bike thing.