Vanessa Ruiz

Vanessa Ruiz is the main news anchor for the 5, 6 and 10pm weekday evening newscasts, while also reporting on the stories that matter to those who live in the Valley of the Sun. Vanessa began her career in early 2001 as an assignment desk editor and later as associate producer for Telemundo Network’s national newscast. Just a few months into her career, September 11th happened, catapulting Vanessa onto an unforgettable and incredible career in broadcasting that continues to this day. She worked her way up, becoming Telemundo International’s youngest news anchor, bringing national and international news stories to the homes of 5 million + U.S .and Latin American viewers both in English & Spanish. Her interviews ranged from Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to the presidents of Peru, Ecuador and El Salvador. 
In 2005, she accepted the challenge of becoming a reporter for WSVN-FOX Miami, one of the most dynamic and innovative news stations in the country. There, Vanessa covered a wide range of stories, from the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, several hurricanes, the BP oil spill and Super Bowl XLI, among many others.
In 2011, she was recruited by TV Marti to anchor and report on issues impacting Cuba, the Caribbean and South America. While at TV Marti, Vanessa covered stories in Venezuela and Nicaragua, while anchoring the U.S. presidential elections in 2012. 
In 2014, Los Angeles called, with Vanessa signing on with KNBC, covering a news market that spanned 41,000 square miles. There, she reported on all kinds of stories coming from the nation’s #2 news market, working at the station’s flagship morning show, “Today in L.A.”
Vanessa has been nominated for several Emmy’s, recognized by The Academy of Television of Arts and Science for special coverage of September 11th, has been awarded the David Burke Distinguished Journalism Award for exceptional integrity, bravery, and originality in reporting, while getting recognized as one of Florida’s leading Latino’s in journalism. 
Vanessa was born in Miami, Florida. As a young child, she was taken to Colombia, South America, where she grew up with her grandparents, while her mother worked hard to provide for her family. Growing up, Vanessa saw first-hand the sacrifices and dedication it takes to achieve great things in life-lessons she always carries with her. After returning to Miami for a few years, Vanessa went to high school in Spain, an experience that taught her about the importance of learning from and accepting other cultures and their traditions.
She graduated with honors from Florida International University with a major in Broadcast Journalism and a minor in International Relations.
From the hurricanes in Florida, to the impact terrorism has had in our world to seeing some of the worst-and best-humanity has to offer, Vanessa considers it a privilege and an honor to be able to communicate, interact and inform the people and viewers she serves.  
Completely fluent in English and Spanish, she has been able to successfully navigate two worlds since birth-that of being a proud American while also recognizing and feeling blessed of her Latin heritage. 
Vanessa is now proud to call Arizona home, a place where she can give back to the community and enjoy the beautiful terrain and nature the state has to offer. 
Her motto in life is simple:
“Have courage. Be kind.”
She has a Yorkie-poo named Croqueta who she showers with love as much as possible!
She enjoys traveling, biking, hiking, dancing, reading, spending time with family and friends and all different kinds of food! 
About Me:  I have been lucky enough to live, learn and grow in several corners of the earth-from Miami, to Los Angeles, through Spain and all the way to Colombia, South America.  I am now proud to call beautiful Arizona home.
Hometown: Miami, Florida
City of Residence: Scottsdale, Arizona
Your Heritage: Born in Miami, my family is from Cali, Colombia (known as the salsa dancing capital of the world). However, I always say that if you’re from Miami, you’re always a little bit Cuban by default…and that’s a good thing.
Current Position:  I anchor the 5, 6 and 10pm evening news casts alongside Mark Curtis while also reporting on the stories that matter and impact the people of the Valley of the Sun.
When you joined 12 News:  July 2015
College Graduated from:  I am a proud graduate of Miami-Dade College and Florida International University.
Go Golden Panthers!
Interests/Hobbies:  I love to read, dance, travel and hike. This Florida girl has absolutely fallen in love with the mountains and terrain of the West. I always say yes to anything that will put me in contact with nature.  I also believe that a healthy body helps maintain a healthy mind, so I thoroughly enjoy anything that will keep me moving-which is a good thing, considering I love food and trying out Phoenix’s fantastic restaurants!  
Favorite Music: Music has been a huge part of my life since I was a young teen. I like going to concerts and festivals and I enjoy all kinds of it-except for heavy metal. I at least have to remotely understand what it is you’re trying to sing/say. 
Favorite Song: Too many to list-but usually something by Fleetwood Mac, The xx, Rolling Stones, The Cure, Al Green, Zero 7-like I said, music is a big part of my life!
Favorite Book(s): The Alchemist
Favorite Quote(s):
“Defeat is usually a temporary condition, giving up is what makes it permanent.”
“Have courage. Be kind.”
Favorite Food:  See above. I haven’t met a type of food I didn’t like. Some top favorites though, are sushi, Thai, Indian, Mediterranean, Cuban and Italian.
Favorite Color: Yellow
Favorite Travel Destination: I have traveled extensively throughout South America, the Caribbean and Europe. My next favorite destinations, hopefully, will be in the East: Thailand and Japan are on top of the list of places to visit.
Pets:  My beloved half Yorkie, half Poodle, Croqueta (if you don’t know what a croqueta is, Google it. You’ll understand). I rescued her while living in Los Angeles but, truthfully, she rescued me. I never thought it was possible to love a furry creature so much!
Children: Not yet-someday.
Hidden Talents: I’m proud to say I am a good listener and some of my friends come to me for some sound advice when they need it. I can look at situations from different angles and actually approach them from rational, practical points of view. Also, I can usually integrate myself pretty well into different kinds of groups and people-something very handy when you’re in the news business!
Favorite Sports Teams: Miami Heat! #heatnation #heatlifer
Favorite Moment in Broadcasting: Covering the aftermath of tragedies has shown me the best in people-I saw it after 9-11 and after the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Also, and for obvious reasons, reporting on the Miami Heat’s championships!
Why you decided to work in TV: It happened after a conversation I had with my father at 13-years-old. He knew I loved to read and write and he asked me: “What do you want to do when you grow up?” I answered, “I know what I don’t want-to be stuck in an office all day, doing the same thing, over and over. I want to do something where I can communicate with people and feed my thirst for knowledge.” “Have you ever thought about journalism?”, he asked-and the seed was planted. 
Where else you have worked: Los Angeles and Miami.
First Story Reported: It was so long ago, I don’t remember.
Your First Job: Right out of high school, I was an Estee Lauder cosmetics counter girl.
What People Would Never Guess About You:That I enjoy my quite time and I’m actually quite sensitive.
What you love about living in Arizona: The beautiful scenery, the terrain, and its people!
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Disloyalty, gossip, rudeness and people who only think about themselves. 
Your Prized Possession: My CD collection. 
What I'm Passionate About: Helping others and giving back-it feels a million times better than receiving! Bringing different communities together, children’s causes and female empowerment are important issues I care deeply about!


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