Ryan Cody

Ryan Cody is a multi-media journalist who specializes in telling stories at 12 News. Ryan’s career began on the plains of Texas covering the high school football in Amarillo. The next step in Ryan’s career took him to Huntsville, Alabama where he was immersed in one of the most unique sports landscapes in the world.

While in Alabama, Ryan covered dozens of college football games, four SEC Championship games, three National Championships, and hundreds of other sporting events in the Tennessee Valley. Sports has taken Ryan to some amazing places in life, but family brings him back to where this whole journey began.

A graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Ryan is back in Arizona where his family now lives. His parents recently moved to Prescott, and sister, brother-in-law, and nephews now live in Anthem. Ryan is recently engaged and lives with his fiancée Diana, and dog Paisley. The people Ryan loves more than anything in this world are in Phoenix, and that is why this is the only place he wants to live.

Ryan loves traveling, cooking, golfing, eating, and football. (In the exact opposite order.) Feel free to connect with Ryan via email or social media.

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Name:  Ryan Cody

Hometown:  Middletown, Connecticut

City of Residence:  Phoenix

Your Heritage: Irish - Italian

Current Position:  Reporter

When you joined 12 News:  July, 2016

College Graduated from:  Arizona State University

Interests/Hobbies:  Golf, cooking, eating & arguing about sports.

Favorite Music:  Hip Hop & Country

Favorite Song: “Ride With Me,” by Nelly

Favorite Book(s):  Lord of the Flies

Favorite Quote(s): “You do the best there is in life, knowing you did your best to best you could be, no matter what you choose to do. There’s no better feeling in life than knowing you did the best you could.” – Nick Saban to me

Favorite Food:  Pasta

Favorite Color:  Blue

Favorite Travel Destination:  It used to be Arizona, so I’ll get back to you

Pets:  Our dog Paisley

Children:  Nope

Hidden Talents: I'm a solid movie critic

Favorite Sports Teams:  ASU Sun Devils, New York Yankees, New York Knicks & New England Patriots

Favorite Moment in Broadcasting: Being on the wrong side of a Nick Saban rant.

Why you decided to work in TV:  Where else can you get that close to the football game without getting hit?

Where else you have worked: Amarillo, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama

First Story Reported: A natural gas pipeline explosion in Bushland, Texas.

Your First Job: News reporter at KFDA NewsChannel10 in Amarillo, Texas.

What People Would Never Guess About You: I don’t watch the news

What you love about living in Arizona:  FAMILY FAMILY FAMILY, and golf

Your Biggest Pet Peeve:  People who drive the speed limit in the left lane.

Your Prized Possession:  My “hole in one” golf ball. I’m an 18 handicap so it was total luck.

What I'm Passionate About:  Being a good person. Always felt like that’s the most important thing in life.

Dream Vacation:  Italy… maybe one day!


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