Nico Santos

Nico Santos is a reporter, anchor, and multimedia journalist for 12 News. He joined us from Yuma, Ariz. where he was an anchor and executive producer. Prior to his time there, Nico worked as a news writer and assignment editor for KUSI-TV in San Diego. He says his love of journalism found him when he first interned at The San Diego Union-Tribune and the Spanish-language newspaper, Enlace.

He graduated from San Francisco State University earning a bachelor's degree in communication studies. During his time in the Bay Area, he interned at the Bay Area's CBS affiliate, KPIX-TV, working in the newsroom. He also worked as a production assistant for San Francisco's long-time community affairs talk show, Bay Sunday.

Outside of work Nico plays music, emcees events and pretends he is a chef. Nico's dream is to travel the world and to try new food everywhere he visits. In his down time, he catches up with his friends, family with a side of housekeeping chores. Other passions of his include drawing, painting, or playing the doumbek (a Middle-Eastern drum), and cruising in his 1971 Volkswagen Beetle. (You may see him cruising in it on a Sunday afternoon.)

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Name: Nico Santos

Hometown: San Diego

City of Residence: Phoenix

Your Heritage: U.S.-born Mexican with Slovakian and Ukrainian roots.

Current Position: Reporter/Anchor/MMJ

When you joined 12 News: May 2015

College Graduated from: San Francisco State University

Interests/Hobbies: Arabic percussion, oil painting, pencil and charcoal drawing, trying new food, learning languages and traveling when possible.

Favorite Music: Rock en español and dance music.

Favorite Song: That's a moving target, but Sade and old-school Shakira always hit the spot.

Favorite Book(s): Anything from Wally Lamb or John Grisham.

Favorite Quote(s): You can't be the best until you realize there is always someone better.

Favorite Food: All homemade Mexican food, but Ethiopian, Peruvian, Indian food and sushi always make my day.

Favorite Color: Blue and black.

Favorite Travel Destination: Puerto Rico (so far).

Pets: I've had hens, ducks, dogs and cats. For now I'm happy with my fish tank.

Children: The world isn't ready for my mini-me.

Hidden Talents: I play live Middle-Eastern music for belly dancers.

Favorite Sports Teams: Padres and Chargers by loyalty.

Favorite Moment in Broadcasting: Being first on scene of a Harrier jet crash in Imperial, Calif. Not a single person suffered any injuries. It was a miracle.

Why you decided to work in TV: It's a privilege every day to capture and tell compelling stories that impact lives and inspire dialogue. From the president of the United States, to my next-door neighbor, everyone has a story. The challenge is to capture it.

Where else you have worked: San Francisco, San Diego and Yuma, Ariz. in different journalistic capacities.

First Story Reported: Prescription drug disposal program.

Your First Job: I was a cater waiter for a company in San Diego.

What People Would Never Guess About You: I earned a black belt in tae kwon do, and I've painted on canvas since I was about 3 years old.

What you love about living in Arizona: The winters are worth the wait, and a swimming pool is never too far away.

Your Biggest Pet Peeve: It's a tie between a toothpaste tube squeezed in the middle and a dirty car.

Your Prized Possession: My 1971 Volkswagen Beetle and a my grandmother's brass giraffe figurine.

What I'm Passionate About: The impact of education on our lives.

Dream Vacation: A couple weeks in Spain or South America with no spending limit!

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