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Mark Curtis made his first appearance on valley airwaves back in June of 1980. Back in those days, Curtis and his mustache went all over the country covering sports for 12 news. He remained at 12 through 1987 when he and his pregnant wife Abby packed their bags for Minneapolis where he covered the Twins amazing run to the 1987 World Series! After three years in the Twin Cities it was on to St. Louis where Curtis not only worked as the main sportscaster but was also the play by play voice for St. Louis University basketball.

But deep inside, Curtis and his quickly growing family wanted to return to Phoenix. In 1995 he finally did, returning to 12 News. It wasn’t long before Mark made the switch, moving over to join Lin Sue on the anchor desk. Since returning to 12, Mark has covered the Olympics in Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Athens, London and Sochi, Russia. Mark who went to the University of Georgia and then American University, has 3 children, all Sun Devils, his wife Abby is a Sun Devil, but his Bouvier Olivia, is not. Mark enjoys golfing, growing tomatos and fishing in his spare time.

About Me: I consider myself very blessed to be living and working in Phoenix.

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

City of Residence: Scottsdale

Your Heritage: Hungarian

Current Position: Weeknight news anchor

When you joined 12 News:

College Graduated from: American University in Washington, D.C

Interests/Hobbies: Golf, Gardening

Favorite Music: Classic rock, Movie Soundtracks, Classical, and Country

Favorite Song: Born to Run

Favorite Book(s): Anything by Stephen King or James Patterson

Favorite Quote(s): Carpe Diem- Sieze the Day

Favorite Food(s): Pizza

Favorite Color(s): Black, Lavender

Favorite Travel Destination: Ocean City, Maryland

Pets: Olivia a Bouvier Des Flandres

Children: Lindsay, Blake and Sydney

Hidden Talent: I am learning to play the Bass Guitar

Favorite Sports Teams: Now that I am no longer in sports I can openly root for all the home town teams, now I CAN be a "homer"

Favorite Moment in Broadcasting: Broadcasting from the Diamondbacks clubhouse the night they won the World Series!

Why you decided to work in TV: I grew up In Washington and so the news was always on

Where else you have worked: San Diego, Washington D.C, Minneapolis, St. Louis

First Story Reported: Muhammed Ali getting set to fight Joe Frazier

Your First Job: Sports producer Washington D.C

What People Would Never Guess About You: I started off in pre-med and always wanted to be a doctor.

What you love about living in Arizona: I love love love the weather, I play golf and so I can play whenever I have time off. I also like working in my garden so something is always growing in our great weather.

Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Hypocrites

Your Prized Possession: My children

What I'm Passionate About: Protecting children from violence and predators

Dream Vacation: Golf trip with my family to Scotland

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