JR Cardenas

JR began his career in Radio in 1999. While attending school he interned for a few radio stations before getting hired as a remote tech for a new Spanish radio station, at the time, here in Phoenix.

However, that’s not where his story begins.

He was born to Immigrant parents, in Fresno, CA.  Being the second of six children, he had to take care of his siblings. His parents migrated from Salinas, California to Yuma, Arizona every season to look for work. JR and his family lived through rough times, and he along with his brothers, was sent to live in Nayarit, Mexico when times and situations got tough.

It was there while living in Mexico where he learned to read and write in Spanish. At the age of 13, His parents decided to make Yuma, AZ a permanent place to live.

JR was the first in his family to graduate from High School and soon after his 18th Birthday he moved to Phoenix, AZ. While attending School he worked a series of jobs before landing a Radio gig.

For a few years JR co-hosted the morning show for KOMR-KQMR 100.3-106.3 and an opportunity arose in 2002 when a Spanish TV station producer asked JR to audition for a weekend TV show on Univision. After a series of auditions, JR was host of KTVW’s “Teledia AZ” and there, his television career began, he was 22.

In 2006 JR and Univision parted ways and since then he’s worked with MTV Tr3s, MundoFOX, ABC, and in 2011 he began co-hosting Cox Cable’s show “Su Vida”.

JR has an extensive resume of commercial production, Marketing, Hispanic Consulting, Creative branding and TV hosting.

He is married to Erica and they have three children, Nicholas, Aliday and Noah. He has two dogs, a Rottweiler named Jordan, and a Chipughua (Chihuahua-Pug) named Bravery. He also has two turtles, Michaelangelo and Rafael, and a fish, with no name.

He loves to work on his yard, but only during the months of October thru April. He loves to cook but not clean and he likes to wash, dry and iron his own clothes, he likes working on cars when he has the tools and a good baseball game is always welcome.

“The best part of my career is when I get to speak to people who are growing up like I did. I love a good laugh, Cycling is my way of not going insane, eating is the reason I need cycling and insanity is normal, perfection is odd.”

City of Residence: Phoenix
Current Position: Anchor/ Reporter
Years with 12 News/When you joined 12 News: September 2015
Interests/Hobbies: cycling, cars, triathlon, baseball, football. 
Favorite Music: Banda, Norteño, Rock, Mariachi, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Hip Hop and Country
Favorite Books: I read very little, I’d say the bible.
Favorite Quotes: "be the best.”
Favorite Food: I love food in general. 
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Travel Destination: Hawaii, Waikiki. 
Pets: 2 dogs, a Rottweiler named Jordan and a Chipughua named Bravery. 2 turtles named Raphael and Donatello, and a fish, with no name. 
Children: 3 Children, Nick, Aliday and Noah.
Favorite Sports Teams: I love my Dbacks and my Cards #Birdgang
Hidden Talent: NONE whatsoever!
Where else I have lived: Salinas, CA. Yuma, AZ. The state of Nayarit Mexico, Houston Texas. 
What you love about living in Arizona: 7 months of amazing weather, no natural disasters, clean freeways. 
First Story Reported: in 2003, got to interview a celebrity about the birth of her baby. 
Your First Job: Picking Squash in Blythe, CA. 
What People Would Never Guess About You: I once tried boxing but got a black eye and decided it wasn’t my thing…you should’ve seen the other guy. 
Your Heritage: Hispanic. 
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Disrespectful people
Your Prized Possession: A telly award I received in 2005 for Host of the Year
What I'm Passionate About: Cycling. I love getting on a bicycle and suffering on it climbing a mountain or trying to catch up to the younger, stronger, faster guys. 

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