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Destry Jetton is the host and executive producer of Arizona Midday. She is an Arizona native who loves our state. She graduated from Tempe High School (Go Buffaloes!!) and went to Arizona State University (Go Devils!!). 

She has two degrees, one in Elementary Education and one in Broadcast Journalism. She graduated Summe Cum Laude.

Destry started her broadcasting career interning in the 12 News newsroom. Her first job was in St. Joseph, Missouri where she was the 10pm anchor and focused on stories about education. She has covered everything in Missouri from record breaking snowstorms to chasing an ostrich on the loose!

After St. Joseph, Destry went to Waco, Texas where she covered the Presidential Race, tornadoes, The Davidian Compound and other big stories in the area.

Most recently, she worked in Tucson, Arizona as the morning show anchor. While in Tucson Destry reported on many breaking stories like the September 11th terrorist attacks, the University of Arizona shooting, and sadly, many AZ wildfires.

Currently on Arizona Midday, Destry has interviewed dozens of stars from Jessica Lange to Zac Efron. During the 2015 Super Bowl in Glendale, Destry and her AZ Midday team took the show live on location at Super Bowl Central in Downtown Phoenix. On a regular day, Destry cooks with the Valley’s top chefs, shares the coolest crafts with the viewers at home and gets the community’s advice for a range of topics from home décor to business news.

Destry’s family is what is most important to her. She has a twin sister, a younger sister and 3 brothers. She also has two children of her own - Hayden and Blythe. Destry has been married to her high school sweetheart, Terry, for 25 years.

For fun Destry loves going to Arizona Cardinals and ASU football games, hiking in the Valley’s beautiful mountains, reading and hot yoga.

About Me: Married to my high school sweetheart Terry Jetton. We've been married for 24 years!
We have one son, Hayden who is 8, and a little girl named Blythe who is 6! I have a twin sister and 5 other brothers and sisters.

Hometown: Tempe, AZ

City of Residence: Phoenix

Current Position: Arizona Midday Host

When you joined 12 News: Feb 2007

College Graduated from: ASU...Go Devils!

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, Hiking, Traveling

Favorite Music: I like it all!

Favorite Song: Brave by Sara Bareilles

Favorite Book(s): Life of Pi, And So It Goes

Favorite Food(s): Barbecue

Favorite Color(s): Turquoise

Favorite Travel Destination: Anything with a beach!

Pets: One rescue dog named Buddy

Children: 8 year old Hayden and 6 year old Blythe

Hidden Talents: N/A

Favorite Sports Teams: Arizona Cardinals (Season Ticket Holder!!) and ASU!

Favorite Moment in Broadcasting: It ranges from covering the serious: like a presidential visit, to Hollywood stars, to the absurd: chasing an ostrich in the snow!

Why you decided to work in TV: I wanted to know more about the world and I wanted to share that with others!

Where else you have worked: I started in St. Joseph, Missouri, then moved to Waco, Tx, and most recently I worked in Tucson!

First Story Reported: A huge snowstorm in Missouri (and I'm from Arizona!) where the roof of a bowling alley collapsed. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Your First Job: I did a pet segment on cable access for the Arizona Animal Welfare League while I was in college at ASU.

What People Would Never Guess About You: I've been married 20+ years.

What you love about living in Arizona: I love everything about Arizona from the gorgeous mountains to the amazing sunsets. The best part about living here is that I am close by my family and friends in the Valley.

Your Biggest Pet Peeve: A bad attitude

Your Prized Possession: My travel and work mementos from around the world.

What I'm Passionate About: My family

Dream Vacation: A month off in Hawaii.

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