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Bruce Cooper began working at the station in 1986 as a weekend sports editor. His duties and job titles evolved to include producer, reporter, fill-in anchor and weekend sports anchor.

Coop, as he is fondly called, is an absolute sports nut. As a result he's usually left outside the box when socializing with friends and family. Conversations concerning pop culture tend to render him clueless.

He is a native Arizonan and a graduate of Arizona State University. Coop has covered some of the biggest sporting events, like the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals and BCS Championship games. He has also covered the game's biggest stars.

He also has a passion for high school sports.

About Me: I am an absolute sports nut. As a result I'm usually left outside the box when socializing with friends and family. Conversations concerning pop culture render me clueless.

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

City of Residence: Gilbert, Arizona

Your Heritage: African-American

Current Position: Sports Anchor/Reporter

When you joined 12 News: 1986

College Graduated from: Arizona State University

Interests/Hobbies: Playing, reading and watching sports.

Favorite Music: R&B, Jazz

Favorite Song: Dance with my father again

Favorite Book(s): Where the red fern grows, NFL draft guide

Favorite Quote(s): "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything"

Favorite Food(s): Seafood

Favorite Color(s): Black

Favorite Travel Destination: San Diego

Pets: 2 dogs (pit, lab)

Children: 2 (son-Marquis) (daughter-Donielle)

Hidden Talent: I have a keen eye for evaluating football talent. I feel like I would be a tremendous asset to an NFL or college team in this regard.

Favorite Sports Teams: Suns, Cardinals, D-backs, Coyotes, ASU... these are the teams I routinely cover and as a result I develop friendships that leave me silently rooting for them

Favorite Moment in Broadcasting: Being on the field as fans stormed the field, tearing down goal posts, and carrying players on their shoulders in the Cardinals playoff clinching win over the Chargers... this is a scene often captured in college football, never the NFL. The atmosphere was really electric causing the hair on my back to literally stand up.

Why you decided to work in TV: I felt it was a golden opportunity to be exposed to the different sports and meet the stars of the games.

Where else you have worked: KPNX-TV is the only place I have worked.

First Story Reported: Johnny Johnson a late reportee to the Cardinals training camp.

Your First Job: Weekend sports editor

What People Would Never Guess About You: I am clumsy as an ox with anything other than shoes on my feet. Ice skates and roller skates watch out. I'm an accident waiting to happen

What you love about living in Arizona: The weather, particularly during the winter months

Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Finding jelly in the peanut butter or mustard in the mayonaise... please, please use separate utensils for each item.

Your Prized Possession: My wife (Donna) and two children (Marquis, Donielle)

What I'm Passionate About: Do you have to ask? Sports

Dream Vacation: A cruise with my family to the Bahamas

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